Friday, February 15, 2013

Hello dear friends!

The topic of this article touched a reason, after all, many of us have kids, and almost every family has a computer.

And is the child at least once a computer display - and all the child "on the hook" to this electronic device! And because no one can tear them, our children, games, how would you ask them not to and not detract from it: because that world, the virtual - it is much more interesting than the one in which we all share.

And begins the "madhouse" in the truest sense of the word: the child does not want to walk, eat a big favor and do not need it, but new games! And try to deny: hysteria is guaranteed!

The most striking thing is that the child's age plays no role in the "computer addiction": my son is 5 years, of which a good three years he spent "a computer." He knows how to run many programs, how to get to the Internet.

The most interesting thing that I specifically did not teach his computer skills! However, along with this my son was totally dependent on the "iron monster"! On good, naturally, did not realize that the computer - it's bad! And yet, I was able to wean him from the "computer" dependency! And this achievement I want to share with you, dear parents!
 First you need to understand one basic truth: ON YOUR CHILD AND HE MUST listen to you, and not vice versa!

In any case not patokayte his tantrums: to make it worse! You have to be persistent and firm in their decision-making (ie, say "no" - means "no" and point!) Do not go on about the children's tantrums!

Once again I remind you - the parents, and therefore, it is you command parade! Children should always be given to understand that as long as the child is small, then decide for him father and mother. But this does not mean that the child can not have an opinion.

Just in this article, I light upon the topic of children's computer Whereupon, and, accordingly, all the statements in this article apply only to the subject! Now on to the most "method of treatment."
 Talk to your child, offer an alternative to the computer, for example, drawing. Just do not buy it, pardon the expression, debility "razukraski" with all sorts of western "heroes" - freaks!

Buy his album, paints and brushes. Sit side by side and to be patient, just draw a house. sun. Sea and so on. In general, think of yourself as a child! If you do not want to paint - offer to do modeling! By the way, this activity and alienated my son from Danko computer! If your baby is by no means moving away from the computer, go with it online children's clothing store and let him create one choice.

God, what a pleasure wee molds of various fish, "Kapitoshek" and other heroes of our local cartoons If you ask whether to use the method I say "physical observations", I answer honestly - peace and understanding cost my son his father's one slap! Cruel? No!

The child does not need to torture, but he also needs to know its place in the family! And it is not cruel to be punished! But if parents allow their beloved ALL daze, the child is then "squeeze" all the juices of these parents! A child should not be spoiled!

If someone does not agree with my opinion - well, your right. However, my five year old son to respect the decision of their parents and I am extremely happy about that!

So the choice is up to you, dear parents: at my best once punished for disobedience, than life then wrestle with the question: "WHAT?"
 Good luck and remember: life, health, and the nervous system of your offspring - in your hands!